MLK Day Resources

Teacher Planet:
This has many lesson plans, worksheets and additional links

Martin Luther King Jr. Papers Project:
This is a great resource, with a biography and interactive timeline of his life. The timeline is a useful tool for a class discussion – just project the timeline on the numonics board or with a COW, or on your TV for the entire class to see. The timeline resources include historical documents, photos, video and audio clips that will bring King to life for

Martin Luther King Jr. Theme:
“Extensive listing of resources including multimedia, songs, vocabulary, worksheets, interactives, lessons, webquests, hands-on activities, and writing paper. This resource has dozens of ready-to-use activities. ” You need to scroll down on the page to see! Looks good.

Martin Luther King/Black History Month:
“Here is a list of links to Martin Luther King and Black History Month resources. Many of these links are webquests or interactive projects.”

Holiday Martin Luther King Day:
“Learn about King and the civil rights movement. Take a virtual tour of his birth home.

There is even an illustrated story of his life in this rich list of resource links.”

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