Google Maps Mashups

Mashups, a web application that combines content from more than one source, is becoming more popular on the Internet. Google maps is one application that is getting quite a bit of attention…

Gmaps pedometer – Allows you to map out the mileage you run/walk by clicking your route on a map. A great tool for students to estimate distances from home to school.

Google Planimeter – Allows you to determine the area on a map by clicking three points. A great way for students to estimate the area of a geographical region; plot many points to obtain increasingly accurate estimates.

Your Gmap – Allows you to create a map showing multiple locations, along with comments. Students could use this to create a tour of the neighborhood. Identify the school, grocery store, firehouse, park, and so on.

Earthquakes Last Week – Combines Google Maps with data provided by the U.S. Geological Survey to show earthquakes of magnitude 2.5 or greater in the past seven days.

* Updated Link –

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One Response to Google Maps Mashups

  1. Dawn says:

    Thanks for linking to my earthquake map! I recently moved the map though and its now at

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