MeL: The Michigan eLibrary

MeL: The Michigan eLibrary

Just last week, the Library of Michigan launched MeL ReMix, the
redesigned 24-hour-a-day Michigan eLibrary, with newly integrated
contents and services; smoother, more intuitive navigation; and enhanced
information resources. With the addition of Michigan Educators’
Resources (the former Michigan Teacher Network), the Michigan eLibrary
becomes an even more powerful information-gathering tool for teachers,
parents, administrators, and anyone interested in making the most of
classroom time for students.

“The Michigan eLibrary is all about finding and collecting the best
information resources – no matter their format – and making them easy to
locate and freely accessible to Michigan residents,” said State
Librarian Nancy R. Robertson. “Governor Granholm recently spoke of
creating an unprecedented ‘culture of learning’ in Michigan. Quality
information is key to that pursuit and the Library of Michigan is proud
to play a role in helping educators achieve their teaching goals.”

Michigan Educators’ Resources includes more than 7,000 Web sites that
have been selected and evaluated by education professionals. All links
provide extensive descriptions and ERIC keywords, and users will be able
to search for resources by keyword, title, author or resource type. MER
includes thousands of excellent resources that are ideal for classroom
use, professional development and long-term strategic planning.
Additionally, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) will contribute
lesson plans and mapping of the Web sites to the new Michigan Grade
Level Content Expectations (GLCE).

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