Using math or reading software for 10 minutes a day doesn’t boost test scores

eSchool News online – Editorial: Repeaters, not reporters

Gregg Downey, a reporter for eSchool News online, expresses his frustration over the inadequate reporting from the media on the newly released report from the US Dept of Education on the Effectiveness of Reading and Mathematics Software Products: Findings from the First Student Cohort Report to Congress

Quoting from Mr. Downey’s article,

“Indeed, if any conclusions at all could be drawn from the research released so far, the study boils down to some pretty unspectacular findings, as were cogently enumerated by Computerworld’s senior news columnist Frank Hayes:

  • Educational software doesn’t automatically improve test scores;
  • Educational software works better when class sizes are smaller; and

  • Educational software works better when kids use it more.

At one point, the study itself reveals this astonishing fact: For a typical 180-day school year, average daily usage is about 10 minutes for all products combined.”

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