A Teacher’s Life: Friday 5: Math Mania

The following websites come from Lucy Gray’s Friday 5  mailing list comes great math resource websites. You will find many useful websites from all content areas.
1. Rainforest Maths
I thought this site was better than typical drill types; nice sets of
visuals accompany math problems organized by grade level. The same web
author publishes a math dictionary and a writing help site. You can
find these links at the bottom of the Rainforest Maths home page.
2. Intermath
This is a project from the state of Georgia that seeks to improve the
content knowledge of middle school math teachers. I was struck by the
links within lessons to “constructionaries”, small web demonstrations
of various mathematical principles. The lessons seem to refer in
general to many interactive sites including Interactivate (http://
www.shodor.org/interactivate/ ), a site dedicated to math and science
interactive tools. This page, in particular, has some great tools
(http://www.shodor.org/interactivate/tools/ ).
3. That Quiz
Create customized online math quizzes for students and track their
progress at this web site.
4. Countdown
This is a video library of math TV shows produced at Loyola University
in Chicago. I used to watch this show with my students two schools
ago, and I think it’s great that the materials are now archived
5. Math.com’s Homework Help Everyday Math
Everyday Math is a popular math program currently used in my previous
and current schools.
6. Everyday Math Resources – Center School District
Find more resources here for using the Everyday Math series.

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