Create your own PLC network

Personal Learning Communities are a great way for teachers to meet together and share what they are doing in the classroom. There are great tools available now on the Internet that will make that time available anywhere. .

  • Diigo – Social Bookmarking Site that allows you to create a group and share bookmarks, highlight and write comments on sites for others to see.
  • Google Docs for Education – Online word processor, spreadsheet, presentation editor that allows teachers and students to collaborate to together online in real time.
  • Skype – Make free/cheap calls over the Internet
  • Teachers 2.0 – Teachers helping teachers learn new technology tools.
  • Wikispaces – Allows for teachers to teachers to create content, share and edit.
  • uStream – Hook up a camcorder to a computer that is connected to the Internet and have instant Live video broadcast.
  • Zoho online collaboration tools – A variety of tools available online to share documents
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One Response to Create your own PLC network

  1. ustreamtech says:

    We here at Ustream are thrilled with the acceptance of Ustream by the Educational community, we have many tips and techniques available for educators to help them broadcast on Ustream, including ways to help protect the kiddo’s and will solve most every problem you are liable to run into. So feel free to contact ustream in the manner that best suits you or your veiwers. Besides email you may also post in the forums or stop in and visit one of our live community channels or
    p.s. some really exciting educational enhancements are on the horizon at Ustream, shh!!

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