Scholastic Teacher Book Wizard

Teacher Book Wizard from Scholastic offers several tools to assist you in locating books for students.  Take a tour of the Teacher Book Wizard.

  • Quick Search allows you to quickly find a book based on a keyword, author, or title
  • Leveled Search allows you to customize by reading and interest level, subject, genre, and more.
  • BookAlike finds similar books at the reading level your students need.

In addition, teachers can create Booklists to share for unit plans, recommendations for an individual student.

Teachers can join the List Exchange, an online community for sharing book lists. See ready-made book lists from authors, experts, and fellow teachers that you can save, use and modify.

Teachers can evaluate the classroom library materials using Scholastic Classroom Books “mini” Evaluation Protocol.

Teachers can access there classroom book club accounts

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2 Responses to Scholastic Teacher Book Wizard

  1. Katie says:

    This is such a terrific tool. I leveled my classroom library using it and made summer reading lists for each one of my students. I like the fact that it uses 4 leveling systems–DRA, Guided Reading,Lexile and Grade levels…
    One of many good things on

  2. Cathy S. says:

    I like the Book Wizard too. I have made lists for most of my holiday book baskets and I am now working on my season book lists. I intend to do biography, sports, plants, and animal lists also. I have looked at the educator lists in the book exchange and I’ve gotten some very good suggestions so far. What a great tool and it doesn’t cost anything. I’ve passed the idea on to my teaching buddy. She uses it and she used to say she hated technology!

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