Happy Holidays… a book for you

christmas-presentAttention Washington and Weymouth Teachers, this offer is only for you.


I wrote about Tikatok in a previous post and now I offer a free book each to the first teacher from Washington and Weymouth. Click on the Title above and then it will take you to the Comment Form to fill out. Do this quickly before December 9th in order to claim your prize. You may create your book anytime during the school year.

Once the winners are determined, I will assist in setting up a class account on Tikatok. I will also purchase a hard cover class book, one for each teacher. I have a sample soft cover book, if you would like to see.

Parents may order copies of the book, but will be responsible for the cost.

Hardcover books start at $16 and paperback books start at $13 with a cost of $.18 per page. Discounts are available for orders of more than 10 books.

Tikatok is also offering a unique fundraising program where schools sell Tikatok.com gift cards and receive 10% of the profits. Sell $50 and get $5, sell $1000 and get $100, it’s that simple.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

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5 Responses to Happy Holidays… a book for you

  1. Murph says:

    Apparently, there is no comment form. This is it! Which means I win! I win! Whoo-hoo!

  2. JStew says:

    Congrats, Murph! You have claimed Weymouth’s prize. Thanks for checking in on my blog!

  3. Marsha Waymire says:

    Can’t wait to read the book.

  4. James says:

    Congrats to Mrs. Waymire’s class on responding first to receive a free class book from Tikatok. I will get with you to help create your account and start creating a book with your class.

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