Dollar Day sale @ Scholastic

The Scholastic Teacher store is offering resource books for $1 while supplies last until the end of January. Check it out.

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Free things for teachers, Part 1

I am going to share with you several services that normally you have to pay for. More Web 2.0 services are inviting teachers to try out their product by providing it to you for free.

Smilebox is like an online version of Print Shop, but better.

You can create slideshows, ecards, scrapbooks, photo albums, and postcards.

Normally, the premium subscription costs $39.99, but because your a teacher, you get all this for free!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up to claim your free account. Once you have been approved, you will be sent a link to download the Smilebox application. You will have to install the program on your home computer, not your school computer.

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Get updates e-mailed to you.


Want an easier way to check out what is new on my blog? You can subscribe by clicking on the Subscribe icon at the right of the page. It is circled for you on the image to the left.

emailOnce you click it, this  screen will appear.  Click on  Get TeKnowledgey inTechgration delivered by email and enter your email address.  Updates will be delivered to your Inbox automatically.

See me if you need assistance.

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Happy Holidays… a book for you

christmas-presentAttention Washington and Weymouth Teachers, this offer is only for you.


I wrote about Tikatok in a previous post and now I offer a free book each to the first teacher from Washington and Weymouth. Click on the Title above and then it will take you to the Comment Form to fill out. Do this quickly before December 9th in order to claim your prize. You may create your book anytime during the school year.

Once the winners are determined, I will assist in setting up a class account on Tikatok. I will also purchase a hard cover class book, one for each teacher. I have a sample soft cover book, if you would like to see.

Parents may order copies of the book, but will be responsible for the cost.

Hardcover books start at $16 and paperback books start at $13 with a cost of $.18 per page. Discounts are available for orders of more than 10 books.

Tikatok is also offering a unique fundraising program where schools sell gift cards and receive 10% of the profits. Sell $50 and get $5, sell $1000 and get $100, it’s that simple.

Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

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New book added to Washington media collection

Added the book, The Blueprint for Exceptional Writing to the media collection at Washington

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Fair Use Update for Educators

On November 11th, the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media-Literacy Education was released. This report gives educators clear guidance on fair use when it comes to using copyrighted materials in the classroom. You may download a copy of the 20 page report here.

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MAME 35 Conference Part 1 “What is Boys’ Lit?”

I just returned yesterday from the MAME 35 conference held in Dearborn, MI.  Over two days, I attended sessions on a multitude of topics.  I would like to begin with last session dealing with the topic, “What is Boys’ Lit?”  presented by Michael Sullivan.  He is the author of Connecting Boys with Books.

On average, boys enjoy non-fiction books the most.  This is due to the fact that boys focus outward on real-world topics. Non-Fiction is usually accompanied by pictures, which helps boys comprehend what they are reading. Whereas text only stimulates the left side of boys’ brains, visuals stimulate the right. Non-fiction is usually shorter than Fiction, which helps with the shorter attention span of boys. Michael shared that 85% of the average book collection in a library consists of Fiction.

The best books for boys that are Fiction are the ones that have an external focus about a heroe’s journey to find his place in the world.

Download 120 Books for Boys compiled by Michael Sullivan to help you get started.  Check back on his website for additions to this list.

Boys’ Lit page 1

Boys’ Lit page 2

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